Thirty-five EMBA Students

                                              from University of California Visit CCEC



                                              On September 6th, Cummins hosted the University of California, Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business Executive MBA class at our facility in Chongqing. The visit was part of the Merage School's International Residential Program and 35 students and their Professor, Dr. Leonard Lane were in the group. Dr. Lane said the objective of the residential was to introduce the students to the "challenges of doing business in a foreign environment." Specifically the trip which covered two cities, Shanghai and Chongqing was "to allow the students to view China through 3 lenses, a place you export from, a consumer nation and a place where you conduct research and development."
                                              Through visiting the main machining workshops and assembly workshop of CCEC, the delegation gained an initial understanding of products and production status of the company. General Manager Andrew Penca reviewed the development history, long-term goal, core value and five operation core culture of CCEC in detail, and introduces the products of the company and their application fields and marketing share in order to give the foreign students chance to know about the development status and operation system of CCEC.
                                              The Dr. Lane said "the Cummins visit helped the students get a better understanding of how an American company operates in a joint-venture environment in China and they were very pleased with the in-depth briefing of life in Chongqing given by General Manager Andrew Penca."

                                              They have a detailed understanding of various aspects of Chongqing, including investment environment, life, entertainment, and education etc. In addition, Andrew shares his and his family members' actual feeling towards work, life, study and entertainment in Chongqing by showing relevant pictures, and also introduces the differences in Chinese and American cultures and interpersonal communication. The students found this discussion most valuable as many of the students in the room could directly relate to Andrew’s life stage as well as his personal and professional perspectives.

                                              One student, Matthieu Roussillon said,“Our visit of the Cummins facility started with a warm welcome from the management staff and an immediate surprise: the site was simply beautiful. I expected the plant to be a typical set of large industrial-looking buildings in the middle of an endless industrial zone; I found instead a quiet and beautifully landscaped property running an efficient operation. The first message we heard was very clear and evidenced by the badges that were handed to us: safety is the priority and we were all provided with appropriate PPE. The visit of Cummins was a perfect illustration of a well-executed AAA strategy (Aggregation, Arbitrage, Adaptation). Perhaps the aspect that surprised me the most was the extent of Cummins' commitment to corporate responsibility: I was impressed by the staff's involvement in the local communities and the firm's decision to do what's right, such as recycling the waste water generated at the site even though the region doesn't impose any water usage restriction at this plant.”

                                              一位名叫Matthieu Roussillon的學生說:“我們本次參觀康明斯工廠,一開始就受到了管理層的熱情接待,緊接著給了我們一個即刻的驚喜:這個工廠太漂亮了!我原以為這只是位于工業區中的一個傳統的像其他工業建筑群一樣的廠區。結果沒想到是這是個安靜、綠化優美、運作高效的工廠。我們清晰地聽到的第一個訊息以及發放到我們手中的徽章標牌都足以證明:安全在這里是放到首位的,而且工廠還向我們提供了相應的勞動保護用品。本次對康明斯的訪問完美地證明了三A戰略(整合、套用、適應)的很好實施;蛟S,最使我意想不到的是康明斯公司對公司責任的承諾:員工們參與社區活動以及公司做正確的事的決定,例如,回收工廠產生的廢水,盡管該地區對該工廠水的使用沒有強制限制。這些都給我留下了深深的印象!

                                              CCEC receives EMBA students from University of California, presents a favorable corporate image, and provide them with opportunities to know more about the development condition of foreign enterprises in Chongqing and to experience the favorable investment environment and convenient living environment in Chongqing as well as the differences between Chinese culture and American culture. It helps to attract them come to Chongqing to invest, work and live.

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